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Raven Heart Custom Essential Oil Blends

I craft custom intuitive essential oil blends with high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, flowers and crystals to support your emotional wellness. Need something to relax you before bed? Looking to get a handle on that anxiety? How about finding your creative flow? I can make you whatever YOU need! I LOVE making personal blends for people! All blends come with a digital card which has blend ingredient info, intention, affirmation, a song, and a journaling prompt.

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“Gift of the Earth”

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used for thousands of years in ritual and prayer, and like yoga, it has deep, deep roots. Used as perfume and medicine, the use of essential oils dates back to 1500 B.C. where Egyptians used them in cosmetics, sacred ceremonies and for mummification.

I use doTERRA essential oils for many reasons, one is QUALITY. When it comes to oils, quality matters and I trust doTERRA! They are committed to providing the highest quality and purest essential oils so that people like you and I can use oils safely with our families.

I also love them because of their Co-Impact Sourcing. Their oils are sourced in more than 45 countries, which are considered developing countries. Rather than hiring U.S. based workers to harvest the trees and plants, they provide jobs to the local farmers and have built a sustainable way to source essential oils responsibly AND ethically.

I could go on and on but find out for yourself here!

Check out more on my is doTERRA site.

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